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Crank's Corner

                                   We Rocked This Joint

    Don't let me hear anyone say, "nothing ever happens in North
Baltimore" ever again, because Something Happened here on Oct. 6, 2003:
the Red Elvises played at JR's on North Main St..  Three-and-a-half years
after we first saw them in the movie Six-String Samurai (available for rental
uptown at Main Street Video), our single-minded efforts at stalking them
down and making them our friends resulted in the accomplishment of what,
in the spring of 2000, seemed to be an impossible dream, namely, getting
them to perform in our very own Tiny Town.
    Yes, it took some effort.  We saved our money, to make sure we had
enough to pay the band even if ticket sales weren't good.  We got our friends
to donate the loan of their equipment and time and talents, if only to finally
shut us up about how great it is to see the band play a live show.  We owe a
great big "thank you!" to Shawn Benjamin of Cyber Solutions, Jay Instone
of the band Unleashed and Jak's Jerky (the "official" jerky of the RE), and to
the entire Loose Cannons Band; without their generous help, we couldn't
have done it.  Also, big thanks to JR's Bar & Grill, for providing a venue and
taking the chance that a Monday night show would be a success.
    Hubby Ron designed posters, flyers, and tickets; he had them printed,
and made sure they were distributed.  He contacted area newspapers, which
resulted in a very nice advance article in the Arts & Entertainment section of
the Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune on the Friday before the show.  We
both shamelessly pressured family and friends to buy advance tickets, and
spent several weeks cleaning up our guest rooms and entertainment areas,
including the infamous Red Room, to provide sleeping space for the band
members and two other overnight guests, plus room to entertain people after
the show.  You know how I hate housework, but this was worth it.
    On Monday, I spent the day cooking and doing last-minute chores,
while Ron worked his butt off making sure all the equipment was set up and
ready.  We waited anxiously for word from the band; would they get here in
time, would they have time to eat, would they get to the club in time to hear
some Loose Cannons?  Well, yes, yes, and yes, sorta.  They called from the
road, rolled into town, got loaded into the club, and came over to eat while
Ron continued to be frantic.  Meanwhile, our friend Willie, who drove in
from Chicago just for this show, hit town about 15 minutes after the RE.
The grand plan was running a tad behind schedule, so Ron pressed his mom
into service to take tickets at the door!  (Thank you, Paula!)
    It was fine, after all our worrying.  I hope everyone who attended the
show had a good time; if you weren't there, too bad for you!  There should
have been a Crank column in the week before the show; I sent it in a tad
behind deadline, as a "last chance" exhortation to be "Better Red Than
Dead," but whoever compiled the paper "ran out of room."  I was
steamed.........'They' urge us to report on "what's happening," but somehow
considered "Will the Streetcar Make a Comeback?" as being more "timely"
than yet another RE promo.  Josh was on vacation that week, so it wasn't his
    I can't report on the show, because the RE pressed me into service for
merchandise sales, as well as the door.  I grabbed my niece Erika and told
her she was Assistant Pencil Fairy for the night, because I couldn't spare the
time (thanks, hon!).  Ron was busy, and whoever I told to tell him that I'd
brought our camera to the show did not relay that message, so we,
personally, got no "stage shots" of the Elvises in full regalia.  However, this
just in, flash!....there will be, in the next month or so, a "bootleg" CD of the
Red Elvises, LIVE in North Baltimore, available for sale; call (419) 257-
9019 for details.  I just heard the rough mix of the first 40 minutes, and it
sounds good.
    My voice is still hoarse and my hair is still bright red, the bar is
depleted and the dishes are done, but I've hung up my leopard-print shirts
and put away my Pencil Fairy bag for a while, because the Red Elvises have
left the building.  Maybe we'll see them in North Baltimore again next
spring, or maybe not; hubby and I will do our bit, but the rest will be up to
you.  We brought them here and fed them soup (and other things), and they
delivered their particular brand of kick-ass Rokenrol from Siberia for your
listening pleasure.  If you'd like to see them again, let us know, and show us
your money!  Meanwhile, we'll take a well-deserved rest, in the knowledge
that we rocked this joint.

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