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Crank's Corner

                               A Plug for the Black Swamp

    Every year, while I rush madly to make jewelry for my booth at the
Black Swamp Arts Festival, I get into a time crunch and forget that I have a
Crank deadline coming up, usually the day after the show.  In the past,
usually I've sent in a re-run, while cursing myself for not having thought to
write a Crank "plugging" the art festival in the weeks before the show.
    This year, my deadline is a week early, and I thought, "great! a little
free advertising!" but, yet again, I might have missed the boat.  I have a
feeling that the deadline for this week's NB News was on Friday, because
Labor Day is on Monday, the usual deadline day, and I forgot.  Maybe this
will make it into the paper, but I'm afraid it won't.  (Insert heavy sigh here.)
    In any case, on September 5, 6, and 7, 2003, the 11th annual Black
Swamp Arts Festival will take place in downtown Bowling Green, Ohio.
The festival begins on Friday night with music and food, and continues
through Saturday and Sunday with art shows and entertainment during the
day, with the entertainment continuing on into the evenings.  For
information about the festival, show times for bands, etc., go to
    I've been lucky enough to have participated in the BSAF every year
since its start, selling the jewelry I make from antique buttons, recycled and
salvaged electronic parts, aluminum serving platters, and whatever else I can
get my hands on.  My booth number this year is 35, and I'll be on the east
side of South Main, the fourth booth down from Wooster St.  If you decide
that you can't live without a beaded necklace that spells out a message in
Morse code, stop by and see me.  If your taste runs more toward pottery,
paintings, fine woodworking, handmade clothing and accessories, sculpture,
art glass, photography, or gold and silver jewelry, there will be plenty for
you to see; there are 100 exhibitors in the juried art show, and 42 more in the
Wood County Invitational Art Show, which specifically features local
artists.  The art shows run from 10am to 7pm on Saturday, Sept. 6, and from
11am to 5pm on Sunday, Sept. 7.
    Enough of this; I really need to get into my workshop and make more
jewelry.  I'm going to e-mail this to the News office and hope that it isn't just
water down the drain, but a plug for the Black Swamp (Arts Festival, that

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